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There are two types of memberships: for the Dear Kim Sessions, and for CELBANPrep. 

If you want to access the Test and Answer booklets for CELBANPrep Reading or Listening 

you need the CELBANPrep Membership.

Dear Kim Sessions

There are three levels of membership to access information and register for Dear Kim Sessions

Memberships are open to the general public and are based on your affiliation. 

  • Copper ~ for individuals
  • Gold ~ for professionals (teachers, career developers)
  • Platinum ~ for organizations
This membership grants you access to: the membership area, the event calendar, event registration and access to booking a speaker.

CELBANPrep Study Resources

There are three levels of membership to access CELBANPrep Study Resources. These resources are supplements to the CELBANPrep e-books and textbooks that are available through Amazon. Ensure you make your purchase on Amazon first, before you proceed. The 3 Memberships are:

  • CELBANPrep Listening
  • CELBANPrep Reading
  • CELBANPrep Study Bundle

This is specifically for Internationally Educated Nurses preparing for the CELBAN. 

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