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Have you felt disillusioned or disenchanted about your dreams of life in Canada? You are not alone. Time and time again IENs from across Canada wrote to Kim about their experiences, which inspired the Hope Sessions. The first Hope Sessions were held at a moment of darkness: when the wait lists for the CELBAN expanded to over six months. Then the fatal strike: the CELBAN was not offered for over a year as a new administrator was established. Although the CELBAN is available once again, disillusionment and disenchantment may continue not only for nurses but other Internationally Educated Professionals. These Hope Sessions are for you. 

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Day One

(1x2) One day: 1 sessions, 2 hours 


Before we begin this series about Hope, something you might feel like you are lacking: let's explore something you do have - courage. Did you know that the word courage comes from the French "coeur rouge", meaning red heart. Courage comes from the heart, a strong heart, which is what you have. It is what has brought you through the arduous passage to Canada. It is what sustained you in migrating to a new country, with dreams of a new life. Those dreams kept you afloat even when you struggled. It is courage, your strength and power, that got you here. Remembering, in community, will bring you even further!  

Duration: 2 hrs

Day Two

(1x2) One day: 1 sessions, 2 hours 


Where did that courage come from? It came from faith: faith in both yourself and in something greater than yourself - in God. At times our faith wavers. At times we falter. And yet, it is at those times that Divine Assistance and Intervention is only an outstretched hand away. Come, listen, and share  as Immigrants of Faith , regardless of creed, uplift one another. Become a united voice in expressing gratitude for the grace you have experienced when facing your challenges. Walk away inspired. 

Duration: 2 hrs

Day Three

(1x2) One day: 1 sessions, 2 hours 


Come together filled with both courage faith, and watch it transform into the Light and Love of Hope. It was during the first Hope Session that miracles were experienced as we gathered around the fire. People came out of the woods, placing their unlit touches by the way. Through sharing, through story telling, one by one participants lit their torch. When it was all done, everyone returned to their own abodes with their torches lit: able and available to light the torches of others. That is the magic and transformation of hope. Come with your torch, in whatever form it is in; walk away with it ablaze! 

Duration: 2 hrs

Day Four

(1x2) One day: 1 sessions, 2 hours 


It is only when we are filled with the strength of courage, the power of faith and the light of hope that we are truly receptive to abundance. Abundance comes in many forms. It may come as finances. It may come as joy. It may come in the form of thriving at work. Whatever way it may appear in your life: explore how to tap into the wisdom you have gained along your path and journey, couple it with the courage faith and hope you have cultivated. Wrap it up in Abundance. Let it rain. Let it rain. 

Duration: 2 hrs

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