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Healing Healers Series

As healers, to avoid burnout, we must constantly be engaged in Filling Our Own Cups; but, what does that mean and how do we do that when many of us who choose helping/healing professions tend to neglect our own needs. This leads to fatigue and potentially to depression of the heart or oppression of the spirit. But, we can not give to others what we do not have. We can not uplift the soul of another if we are struggling ourselves. The intent of this series is to heal healers, so you can do the work you were created to do. Embark on the journey today!

Day One

(2x2) One day: 2 sessions, 2 hours each

Packing our Bags

As The first step of avoiding burnout by Filling Our Own Cups is to know our own personal needs: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We need to explore how we fill those needs, alone and in community. We also need to be honest and truthful, maybe even vulnerable, about how we neglect our needs. This is the first step to healing ourselves.  

Duration: 4 hrs with a break

Day Two


Starting the Journey

Having explored how we fill and neglect our individual needs (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) we have become more aware of our day to day choices. Being consciously competent in some areas, and incompetent in others, every day is a celebration of our healing journey. Together we will explore the 21 day log. We will embark on a journey of becoming aware of how our choices impact our energy levels, our relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves. We will see which choices lead us to happiness and joy, and which do not. 

Duration: 2 hrs

Day Three

(2x2) One day: 2 sessions, 2 hours each (Several weeks later)

Creating Our Map

Having been on this journey for several weeks, having packed our bags thoroughly: it is time to review what we have learned. Reflecting on our experiences, we create a map for the rest of our adventure together. With daily, weekly and monthly plans, we set our course and follow the stars to our destination with health and healing in our wings. 

Duration: 4 hrs with a break

Day Four


Walking Along the Beach

We gather, once again, to share our experiences of exploring the world of our inner reality. Having obtained greater awareness, we have become unconsciously competent in taking care of our needs (body, mind, heart and spirit) both alone and in community. Furthermore, we have become aware of hour our daily choices increase our energy, vitality, hope, emotional and spiritual resilience. We have mastered skills that prevent burn-out by learning how to Fill Our Own Cups. Together we will be Hands for one another: a Safe Haven for talking about our challenges. We will also share Watch Over Me moments, delighting the our achievements. Filled with Love and Light we are ready to embrace the world! 

Duration: 2 hrs

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