Dear Kim

When Dear Kim began, February 25, 2012,  IENs wrote to Kim about all sorts of issues. Knowing that there were many others with the same questions Kim began posting the questions, and answers, on her blog in a Dear Abby fashion. To date over 255 458 people have read the Dear Kim blog!

In fact "Dear Kim" and "CELBAN" have become synonymous as search terms! 

One of the most popular tags has been EncouragementAnother is Facing Fears and yet another Finding Balance

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When you read the following titles, and click through the link to the blog, you will see that CELBANPrep has always been about much more than preparing for an English exam. You will also come to understand why the Dear Kim Sessions exist: to provide hope, healing, direction and light to those experiencing darkness in their career lives. KK

Dear Kim YouTube

The themes that emerged in e-mails surfaced during live Conference Calls and interactive webinars. Recorded with permission, these videos allow you to attend a session, get to know Kim, and hear what IENs had to say.

Dear Kim YouTube Channel

Dear Kim Sessions

Over the years Hope, Health and Wellness  and Time Management, emerged as common themes in e-mails written by IENs to Kim; they inspired the Dear Kim Sessions. There are four Dear Kim Sessions available at this time. 

Dear Kim Sessions

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