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The CELBANPrep Collection

Step One: Choose which Resource You Need

CELBANPrep Speaking

How do you prepare for CELBAN Speaking? What do you need to know? What do you need to do? 

CELBANPrep Speaking textbook provides you with information, resources, videos and assignments so that you can develop the skills and competencies required to get an acceptable benchmark on your exam. A special section for tutors is also included. 

CELBANPrep Writing Level One

The first of the CELBAN or IELTS series, CELBANPrep Writing Level One saves you time by allowing you to prepare for both exams at the same time!

Master test taking skills that increase your performance level so that you can increase your score. Complete an organized - error free - piece of writing in less than 15 minutes! 

CELBANPrep Writing Level Two

Having completed CELBAN or IELTS CELBANPrep Writing Level One, you have the test taking strategies. You are now ready to apply these skills to writing in a nursing context. 

Lessons include: Incident Report Writing, Assessment Report Writing and Form Filling. Lessons include both sample tests and practice exams. more >>

The CELBANPrep Complete Series

CELBANPrep Reading Complete

What is the format of CELBAN Reading? What do Skim and Scan Questions look like? What about Reading Comprehension or Fill-in-the-Blanks? 

How can you prepare for the reading tasks? 

CELBANPrep Reading Complete contains both a Study Guide and Three  Sample Tests. 

CELBANPrep Listening Complete

Getting a 10 for CELBAN Listening is one of the limiting factors for many Internationally Educated Nurses. How is that possible? 

CELBANPrep Listening Complete provides you with tips for success, links and sample test for you to prepare.

It includes a Study Guide and Three Sample Tests. 


Dear Internationally Educated Health Professional,

Do you know why you are not getting the required scores for your English exams? 

If you are like any of the other IENs that have contacted me over the years, you probably don't. If you check out CELBANvsIELTS.ca you will read email after e-mail from Internationally Educated Health Professionals just like you: who kept struggling to get required scores not knowing what their weaknesses were or how to turn them into strengths. I always sat, "If what you are doing is not getting you where you want to go: change what you are doing!"

That is the amazing thing about the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials. It teaches you how to change what you are doing so you get to where you want to go!

After teaching IENs CELBANPrep Writing Level One for several years, it became apparent that many IENs make the same general mistakes when it comes to writing. They are: Nouns and Articles, Verbs and VerbalsAgreement Errors, and Advanced Punctuations. But noone knew how to identify these weaknesses in their writing or how to turn them into strengths! 

The CELBAN or IELTS Grammar Essentials Series was created for this exact reason! As an intensive supplementary resources there are four individual modules that assist you as an individual  in increasing your scores not only in writing but also speaking and reading portions of English proficiency exams! And it works! 

They are so efficient, these resources can be used by anyone preparing for any English exam! Seriously! 

By focusing on weaknesses, and turning them into strengths, you can increase your mastery and efficiency with the English language! Start today!  

NOTE: The CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials Series is meant to be a companion resource to CELBANPrep Writing Level One. It can be taken before CELBANPrep Writing or at the same time as you complete Level One with a trained professional who can help you identify your weaknesses/errors. (There are tips in the textbooks for them to know how to support you in getting the required scores.) 

All the best,


P.S. All of the examples come from Internationally Educated Health Professionals just like you!!! And, remember to check out www.CELBANvsIELTS.ca! You will be glad you did!

The CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials Series

Nouns & Articles

One of the most common errors Internationally Educated Professionals make is the incorrect use of the articles:
  • a,
  • an,
  • the, and the
  • zero article. 
Learn how to use articles correctly! But first review common and proper nouns, specific and non-specific nouns, countable and non-count nouns.

Verbs & Verbals

While learning about verbs at the beginning and intermediate level is relatively easy, at the advanced level IEPs must consider verbals and verb chains to turn weaknesses with verbs into strengths. 

This module covers:
  • verbs as adjectives,
  • verbs as nouns (gerunds),
  • verb chains, and 
  • idioms. 

Agreement Errors

Most IEPs understand the basics when it comes to grammar, punctuation and spelling. Yet one of the most common errors at the advanced level is agreement errors. Beyond simple number and person errors, agreement errors can be influenced by the:
  • subject,
  • verb, or
  • pronoun. 

Advanced Punctuation

Sentence structure and advanced punctuation errors are also common to Internationally Educated Health Professionals. The most common errors include:
  • dependent clauses,
  • fused sentences,
  • over use of conjunctions, 
  • missing punctuation with coordinating conjunctions,
  • comma splits,
  • incorrect use of colons and semi-colons.

Grammar Essentials: Two Components, Two Versions

Because each resource comes complete with a workbook and teaching videos, there are two components to each module of the CELBAN or IELTS SeriesNouns and ArticlesVerbs and VerbalsAgreement Error, and Advanced Punctuation. There are also two versions of the workbooks: one for students and one for facilitators. Make sure you get the right one! 


(by Membership)

The CELBAN or IELTS videos are available here on CELBANPrep.info.  

Getting your membership allows you to access the teaching videos that accompany each module.



Each workbook module comes with the following:

  • examples,
  • stimulating graphics,
  • step by step triage instructions, and
  • quizzes to test your knowledge.

Student Workbooks


The Student Workbooks have been created for Internationally Educated Health Professionals seeking to turn weaknesses into strengths to obtain the highest level of professional communication skills.

Facilitator Guides


 The Grammar Essentials Series has been created not only for students but also for facilitators and peer mentors working with Internationally Educated Professionals preparing for English Proficiency exams.

There are 2 parts to each module:

  • Part I ~ a review of vocabulary, rules, complete with examples.
  • Part II ~ an exploration of a triage used so you can identify your errors and correct them, thus turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Each Sold Separately in 100 nations through Amazon.

As the E-books and workbooks are sold separately, 

please ensure you have both before writing a negative review!


Step Two

Once you have purchased your CELBANPrep resource from Amazon, ensure you get your CELBANPrep Membership so that you can access the videos hosted on this site! 

Additional CELBAN or IELTS Resources

Supplementary Resources

This paperback available through Amazon contains:

  1. A Final Exam, and
  2. A Poster Collection.

Final Exam (Paperback)

The Final Exam covers questions relating to nouns, articles,verbs, verbals, agreement, and advanced puctuation. There are 2 components to the Final Exam.

  • Part I ~ test booklet to be administered to the learners
  • Part II ~ answer booklet

Posters (Paperback)

The stimulating graphics included in each module have been turned into posters. This resource contains full page poster graphics for all four modules: Nouns and Articles, Verbs and Verbals, Agreement Error, and Advanced Punctuation.

CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials ~ Slide Decks

Side decks for each of the four CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials are also available through Amazon. As Print Replica E-books, they are being provided to facilitators and peer mentors to use in classrooms, libraries and other teaching situations and facilities. 

The slide decks are companions to the videos and the Facilitator's Guides. 

You will need a Kindle App to access the slide decks. 

Remember: TWO CELBAN or IELTS E-books: FREE

Ensure you have your Kindle App and Kindle Unlimited Account.  


If you don't know where to start or what to do, the "CELBAN or IELTS Pre-Test" quiz has been provided to you to assess your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to:

1. Nouns and Articles, and 
2. Verbs and Verbals

In fact, the questions come from sentences that Internationally Educated Nurses wrote during CELBANPrep Writing Levels One and Two. 

Once you finish "CELBAN or IELTS: Pre-test" you can explore ways of increase your scores and decrease the amount of time spent to prepare for your English Proficiency exam by using  the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials series - available in 100 countries through Amazon.  

How to Prepare for the FREE CELBAN or IELTS: User Guide 

Internationally Educated Health Professionals around the world are required to provide adequate scores for English Proficiency Exams such as the CELBAN, IELTS, TOEFL and CELPIP. The CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials Series has been created to assist Internationally Educated professionals to transform weaknesses into strengths through the intensive study of nouns and articles, verb and verbals, agreement errors and advanced punctuation.

The How to Prepare for the CELBAN or IELTS: User Guide explains each component and version in detail. It provides users with the ability to test their devices with an Interactive Test Page. 

FYI, How to Prepare for the CELBAN or IELTS: User Guide is available for FREE through Amazon's Kindle Unlimited in 100 countries!

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