CELBANPrep Writing Level Two Textbook: 

Writing in a Nursing Context

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In this second volume of CELBANPrep, Writing Level Two (lessons 5-8) is about applying the advanced test taking strategies covered in CELBANPrep Writing Level One: CELBAN or IELTS Review Material to writing incident and assessment reports. You will also be taught about form filling.

CELBANPrep Writing Level Two Textbook: Writing in a Nursing Context includes instructions, videos, examples and assignments. It is recommended that you spend 30 minutes a day practising. It is also recommended that you work with a tutor who is familiar with CELBANPrep, having their own copy of the material.

Prerequisite: CELBANPrep Writing Level One: CELBAN or IELTS Review Material ~ Test taking Strategies for How to Prepare for the Writing Tasks

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Once you get your CELBANPrep Writing Level Two Textbook from Amazon, get your CELBANPrep Membership to access the teaching videos and writing samples that could not be included in the book. There are four options: the FREE 7 day trial, getting your writing assessed, CELBANPrep 2020 Writing Level Two, or CELBANPrep GOLD Bundle. (The Bundle grants you access to all of the CELBANPrep Memberships. 

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CELBANPrep Writing Level Two Videos

Once you buy the textbook from Amazon, getting a CELBANPrep Membership will grant you access to these teaching videos for Writing Level Two (lessons 5-8). You will also be granted access to more than 100 writing samples! 

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