CELBANPrep Speaking Textbooks

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What makes CELBANPrep so effective? Why is it that the name Kim has become synonymous with the word CELBAN? 

Did you know that around the world and across Canada people put those words together into search engines to find CELBANPrep? Often people include the words "Dear Kim". It is kinda sweet. 

The thing is: it is possible for one person to make a difference. It is possible for one person to see and need and to fill it. It is possible for one person to learn what it takes to find success and then to offer it to others. For ten years Internationally Educated Nurses took the CELBANPrep Speaking course, participating in the group Conference Calls and one-on-one consultations. They worked together with Study Buddies practicing the skills they learned. For passing an exam can not happen alone. Support is required. Guidance is required. And so it is that the CELBANPrep Speaking Textbook has a special section for tutors/teachers/guides and mentor. All of this to sustain you in obtaining your dreams of life in Canada. Invest in yourself today! KK

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