3G* Which Engish test: IELTS or CELBAN?

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Dear Miss Kim

…the only thing missing to complete my requirements is the english test. thats my priority now to take the english test, im scared coz my english is not good enough, especially my diction, i need to study and practice, i dont know which test will i take. thats my concern for now.  – H

Updated 2019

Dear H

English is a barrier to many. People that dedicate themselves to the language (and grammar) do much better, in a shorter amount of time. They save a huge amount of money. They reach their goals quicker. They make more money sooner. Note:

  • IELTS is usually the exam of choice, for immigration, as it is available globally.
  • CELBAN is usually the choice for the licensure process for RNs and LPNs.

Some people take the general IELTS for immigration, only to discover it is the academic version that is required for licensure. If it is possible to figure out how to take only one exam, for two purposes, it will save money in the end. But most people end up taking more than one. Usually, people work on achieving the score for immigration, and then worry about increasing the score to one acceptable to NNAS ( to the colleges of LPNs or RNs) once they get here.

That is when they switch from IELTS to CELBAN.

One more thing, you can only take the CELBAN 3 times. If you do not get an acceptable score, you have to wait 2 years to be given another chance! So it is best to prepare the best that you can even before you take the exam!

These are some of the problems:

  • Some people take the CELBAN without preparation.
  • Other people do not integrate the feedback they receive on their weaknesses.
  • Others feeling confident in their score in one area focus only on the weaknesses only to get a lower score on what was once a strength.

When it comes to people applying to be an RN, I have had people who have had to take the CELBAN again, before taking the final licensure exam because their exam expired. Fortunately they had more chances.

At the end of the day passing your English exam, if you really want to make this happen, needs to be a first priority. It’s like taking medicine. It might taste bad, but it helps to make everything else better!

That is why I created the CELBAN or IELTS Series so that you can learn the transferable skills, when it comes to grammar, test taking, and the English language. Improving your competencies in these areas will assist you in increasing your score not only on every exam you take from here on in, but also your life and career as a whole! They help you prepare for reading, writing, listening AND speaking: for the CELBAN, for the IELTS, for the CELPIP and any other English exam you will ever take!

Check out this tag: I passed the CELBAN on my first attempt!!!

So, instead of asking which exam to take: change the question. Ask, which resources will help me to prepare for my exams. The answer is: the CELBANor IELTS series, which includes:

Remember, there are FREE resources available on Amazon (in 100 countries through the 12 national sites) and that there are two parts to CELBANPrep resources:

  1. The textbook or workbook available on Amazon, and
  2. The Membership through CELBANPrep (with the teaching videos and writing samples.

You NEED BOTH! Why? Because the membership provides resources that could not be included in a print workbook/textbook. (Consider the membership like the old CDs and DVDs you used to get!)


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